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Hammeron offers business opportunity to any individuals who wants to earn unlimited cash on at the comfort of your own place at your own time that is completely free to join.Hammeron is an opportunity agency under construction and architectural firm operated by teams of licensed architects and engineer with over 14 years in experience building commercial projects like S&Rs high rise buildings. accepts residential and commercial projects from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao.


My name is Francisco Obayan Jr. and I am from Cebu. I used to be a Tourist Guide before I became a Freelance Affiliate of When I got my first commission with, I am very happy and lucky because despite of being unemployed until this time I am able to make my income and help me to pay my bills and debts. For those interested and aspiring agents who want to be part of us, all I can say is ,"Grab the opportunity." If you want to change your life direction then start doing great things today not tomorrow. Nobody can change yourself but only YOU, then if you find an opportunity like this grab it and start to change for a better YOU.

Francisco Obayan

I am a seafarer by profession, the head agent and a shareholder of I was the one who gather the current agents and made some marketing video ads for I got my first commission as the head agent and a shareholder last July 2021. I am so fortunate because the money I got from both was almost like a passive income. I still want to continue working with for the reason that it has a great potential to grow more as a company. Consequently, as the company grows the money I invested will exponentially grow also. Also, I love giving my ideas and inputs for the betterment of the company.

Danilo Santillan

My name is Engr. Ryan Zarate. I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker from Pangasinan. As a broker, I am on the marketing side of Real Estate doing project selling for subdivision house and lots and condominiums and also brokerage. It’s very exciting that introduced me on the other side of Real Estate with the services they offer on House Constructions, Renovations, Designs, Planning an Interior Fit-out. I offered services to clients and investors and right away I got my first client for a 3-storey building. What I love about this opportunity is that this is a nationwide company that operates Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. For new agents, we have a lot of trainings and we get all the support we need. Come and join us!

Ryan Zarate


Whether you’re looking for a fresh start from your 9-5 or considering your first job, becoming a Hammer-On agent is a great career choice.
There are many benefits of a flexible career, and if you’re self-motivated and hard-working, you will likely find success by choosing this opportunity.
Here are a few of the many reasons to become our accredited agents:


Exclusive affiliate's portal

Each qualified affiliate will have its own Affiliates Portal. This site will include the Agent's Name, Agent's Email, Commission Percentage, and most importantly the Unique Referral Link.
In this Portal, the affiliate will see the numbers of their Successful Link Visits, Closed Project, Revenue, and Earnings. Marketing Materials are also provided here and can be downloaded anytime.


Own landing page for your client's Get Quote

After clicking the Unique Referral Link, the clients will be directed to our landing page where they need to fill out the needed details so that our Customer Support can entertain their queries. The most important details we need from them are Full Name, Email Address, Contact Number, Project Address, and the Floor Area. Each affiliate can also find their respective Agent's Code here.


Licensed architect & engineer to answer client's inquiry

Once the client successfully submits his/her details thru the Get Quote Link, it will automatically be sent to the Customer Support Email. The email includes all the details provided by the client. The Agent's Code is also incorporated at the end of every email.


Sales Agent

-Sales Agents are responsible for posting to different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, etc.

Commission will be 3% of the Total Project Cost

Sales Manager

-Aside from posting to different platforms, The Sales Managers' major responsibility is to close a project. These Sales Managers will do the sales talk, schedule appointments with the Head Engineer and Head Architect, do the presentation, close the deal then repeat.
There will be a Quota to each Sales Manager and this will be discussed personally with the aspiring Sales Manager.

- The Sales Managers are also required to recruit and handle their own sub-agents. Maximum of 10 agents per Sales Manager.

Managers commission will now be 4% and every closed project of their sub-agent, they will automatically receive 1% of the Total Project Cost

Sales Director

-This will be the highest position of being an affiliate with and Hammeron. As Sales Director, their major responsibility is to handle the Sales Managers and Agents. Same with Sales Managers, Sales Directors also have Quota but much bigger amount.

Sales Director's commission will be 5% and every closed project of their Sales Managers and Agents, they will automatically receive 1% of the Total Project Cost

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