How to choose the best cost for a home or building construction

Planning or choosing the best cost for your dream home or building may take a while since you have to put a lot of things in consideration such as searching for the best place to start your dream project and professionals that will help your dream come true ! Not that we are trying to discourage you but these are real life problems that you will encounter and tackle along your journey , but worry not! We’re here to ebb off your problems with these helpful tips!

1. If you want a custom-home, you will need to hire an architect to design the home and prepare blueprints. The fee for this is anywhere from 5% to 15% of the construction cost of the home. If you can find a pre-existing design you want, you can save money and months of time compared to custom-design. Construction firms, aside that it provides a team to work for your project that will save you time from hiring architect individually , has their own collection of project proposals.


2. The average construction cost in Metro Manila, Philippines is Php20,000 per square meter to Php30,000 per square meter. To get the best results, it is suggested that you should go for Php25,000 per square meter and above. There is a base price per square foot that includes basic exterior and interior elements, but that price will increase should you prefer “top-of-the-line” or “premium” elements. Basic elements does not include items like driveways, landscaping, and garage finishes. Make sure you understand what is and what is not included on the estimate that you builder will provide.

3. Invest and save by purchasing a safe location for your home. Hire a construction firm that will provide you and your family a safe shelter. Choose a location that is not located at high risk areas like faultlines, volcanic areas, and flood plain. Make sure that you are working with a construction firm that does more than just building and earning. Choose a firm that aims to help people and cares about the value of the hard-earned money of their clients to get the most of their dream houses.

4. Do you have a budget for construction? If yes, secure a complete Building House Plan from your preferred firm or choose the right firm who will help you apply for a construction loan that will include the purchasing of house and lot in their available projects.

5. Secondhand house? If you want to go for a classic look for your building, might as well ask for a professional help for the best renovation services to maintain the house you would like to preserve. Hire a construction firm that offers new construction, renovation, and architectural design and let them guide you throughout your decision-making process.

6. Local and city governments will require that you have permits to build or install the various systems and items on your home. Is there a need for demolition on the plot? A permit is needed. Are you planning to build a pool? A permit is needed too and the list goes on. Prices vary for each permit and it is up to you, with assistance of your team, to acquire and comply the required.

7. Planning is everything! Always monitor your construction allowance to make sure that you are getting what you asked for. Stick to the original plan and never settle for a cheaper alternative material that you never agreed in the first place. Ask the construction firm that you are working with and they will be even more excited to work you.

8. Let’s say you have already accomplished purchasing a land. By this time, you will now owe real estate taxes. Ascertain that your builder any subcontractors they employ have their own insurance in case someone gets injured on the job. Hire a firm that has transparent list of their workers so you will be able to evaluate their experiences on their fields.

9. It can take anywhere between eight to twelve months or even years from the time you purchase a lot, research the design of your home, establish your budget, and start queries to professionals and reputable home builders, to the time you finalize your choices, securing funds, have blueprints made, have the house built and lastly, to move in. Remember to stay patient and track all the expenses. Communicate with your team.

10. You have to choose wisely for the best home builders for this will determine the whole construction process of your dream home. Try researching and reading some articles on how to choose the right construction firm to work on your project. It will give you a thorough guide in order to find the best time to partner with. Always remember that you will be working for months with the builders so maintaining good relations and communication with the professionals is vital for things to work out like how you have envisioned it. The whole process is an intricate one since you will be involved in a couple or more entities for the whole duration of the process.