The importance of having a building plan

"Building plans? Who needs building plans when I know exactly what to do and what I want?" "Hiring an architect will only cost me tons of money." These are just a couple of answers we get when asking people if they knew the importance of having a building plan. 

Having your own building plan is not as bad as it may seem and can be easily done by your old reliable friendly neighborhood "kapitbahay", not Spiderman, and no pun intended – the most go-to when it comes to fixing or building an establishment. From roofing down to plumbing, sure, they can do it all. As handy as they can be, there are some quirks that needs to be addressed by a professional

Having a professional to check on your plans is way better, not only they studied and specialized on their fields, but they are also capable to iron out any quirks and faults in your house plan or design.  As house designs become more complex there is also a need to properly detail any special features which are noted on your plans or elevations. This will give a builder an understanding of what your designer wishes to achieve with a particular building element.

Yes, it is true that hiring an architect, engineer or a construction firm to make you a building plan will cost you thousands of pesos. But let me ask you this, are you willing to let your hundreds of thousands or even millions worth of investment go to waste for some mistake because "on the site building plan" during the construction? Would you allow yourself to shed off thousands of pesos just to fix that mistake? I guess not. 

Building plans are important because they give the builders a bird's-eye view of the ongoing construction. They help visualize what the end result will be like, so that you can evaluate ahead of time and make revisions if needed. This plan would also help you and the builders to turn your ideas to a visual representation for them to easily understand what you really want. Most importantly, you can plan ahead of time for the furniture and some other specification that you will add since you already have a building plan that is just waiting to be completed! 

Hiring a good construction firm is the best way to ensure a great start for a good building plan. They are not professionals for nothing right? To have a company who has years of experience on building quality homes, commercial buildings and even high rises will definitely put you and your pockets at ease.

Below is a list of reasons why a new homeowner should consider building plans:

  • Plans can be used for processing building permits

A Building Permit is a formal document issued in accordance to the National Building Code of the Philippines and its Implementing Rules and Regulations. It is given by the building official or the government agency to an applicant as an authorization to proceed with the construction and renovation of a building project at a particular site with the approval of the drawings, plans, specifications, and other document.

  • Plans can be used to get permits if you wish your house or establishment to be rented

Looking for a steady source of income with a minimal time to spend? You might want to consider having your house rented if you will only occupy it part-time. One benefit of having a building plan is it serves as a requirement to obtain a renting permit. It should be registered with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) if you will be the sole owner of the property or with the Securities Exchange Commission if you plan to be a corporation. For sure, your hired construction firm will guide on this step!

  • For future means to sell the property, it requires a building plan if you go on legal processing

Providing a building plan is all part of the visualization process agents need to use to get potential buyer’s attention. With the help of a construction firm, your building plan can help to present a property to the potential buyer: it will make them understand that the property is in the good condition, has a maximized space, and located in a serene and safe environment.

  • Building plans will be used to map how to renovate or remodel the house or property

In renovation and property remodeling, selecting professionals usually start with an –in-person meeting. This is your opportunity to understand the services what each firm offers and make sure that they match up with your expectations. 

Your finished building plan cannot tell you everything about a property. It does not account for lighting, decorations or colors, but it is a significant start. Educate yourself with the best knowledge and understanding. Keep in mind that the ability to create and read a building plan will help you make an informed decision about your future home. 

If you are considering building a new home, take all the time that you have to review, research, compare, and evaluate your plans. For further information about buying a building plan or if you are interested on looking for existing project designs, browse through the blogs posted in’s blog section.